Welcome to Weather Update for Your Information Beta Portal

If you have any questions with the setup, or would like help, please email your information to setup@wufyi.com

Not enough URL parameters where specified, please make sure you specify from or wuID, pwsID and psw.

This Beta supports two sources of information, option 1: AcuRite

Example URL: http://beta.wufyi.com/?from=AcuRiteHubAddress&pwsID=PWSstationID&psw=YourPWSpassword

from: Mac address of AcuRite hub, supported formats are: "01:2A:bC", "012aBc", "24C86E012ABC"

Second option is support for Wunderground:

Example URL: http://beta.wufyi.com/?wuID=UndergroundStationID&pwsID=PWSstationID&psw=YourPWSpassword

Please keep this URL secure, please DO NOT specify it as a station URL within pwsweather.com

wuID: Station ID of the Weather Underground station you wish to get data from

pwsID: Station ID of the PWSweather station you wish to push data into

psw: Password for PWSweather account that owns the Station ID indicated by pwsID

In order to make this process automated, setup a free cron job at https://cron-job.org/en/ with executions every minute or two

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